As with most professions, it's not easy getting started in this industry. Normally, the process can be shortened, if we are lucky. Some of us had that luck because someone with experience was kind enough to take the time to share insights and answer questions.

    The DPA Mentoring Event is committed to fostering just such relationships between our members and local aspiring producers and filmmakers. We are seeking DPA members to help "pay it forward" and share their experience and knowledge with our next generation of professionals at a one-day Speed-Mentoring Event. Are you willing to help out? It's a very small investment with a considerable payoff.

    If you are ready to participate as a mentor at this event, please click on the link below, and complete the online Mentor Application. Your support will have far reaching effects, personally as well as professionally.

    Thank you for your interest and dedication.

    Be A Mentor!


    If you are new to the film/commercial/animation industry or are a student in a media program and will soon be entering the job market, DPA's Speed-Mentoring Event can connect you with experienced professionals who will share their insights and answer your questions. To sign up for the upcoming Mentoring Event, please click the button below and complete the application.

    Sign up for Mentorship Event

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