Why become a member of DPA?

Membership offers numerous benefits including:

  • Publishing rights to our interactive listserv which currently reaches over 2,000 DFW industry professionals. Used for the sharing of ideas, answering of needs and questions, and special announcements for programs and special events

  • Regular news updates that inform the membership about the industry, programs and opportunities available to members and the industry at large

  • Mentoring opportunities

  • Free or discounted access to our monthly meetings.  These networking opportunities come in the form of mixers, special panels or programs, and events that promote and advocate the membership. Many of our meetings are for members only.

  • Easy to use membership directory listing contact information of each DPA member
  • Discounts to various industry functions

What does the DPA do for the Film and Video Industry at large?

Your membership fees go to promoting, defending and assisting the film and video industry in the city, the state and the nation. In 2007, the DPA spearheaded the film incentive effort in Texas, and with the help of others got important film incentives passed through the state legislature. With the DPA’s assistance and the founding of the Texas Motion Picture Alliance, film incentive work will continue on all fronts making Texas film and video competitive to other state incentives. Also in 2007, the DPA played an important role in the first AFI Dallas Film Festival. These are just two of the efforts that the DPA has supported in the Defense, Promotion and Assistance of the film and video industry in Texas.

The DPA is continuing to expand to actively include professional producers from the interactive and animation industries making the DPA a strategic and seminal force for producers.

Invest in Your Company’s Future

The DPA is a good marketing investment for companies and individuals in film, video and multimedia production. And it is an avenue in which to develop great friendships and alliances to last for years to come. Please become a member so that you can begin to enjoy networking with this talented group of professionals!

Memberships Overview

  • Production Membership is open to companies or individuals who are actively engaged in the video/film/digital media production industry managing or directly contributing to content creation.
  • Affiliate Membership is open to companies or individuals who are actively offering support services in the video/film/digital media production industry. Examples of Affiliate Members include equipment vendors, attorneys, talent agents or services such as hotels, transportation and caterers.

Code of Ethics

By sharing a common commitment to promote and abide by the highest possible standards of professional conduct, all members of the Dallas Producers Association pledge to adhere to this statement of ethical standards in all of their respective dealings.

  1. To provide a safe working environment.
  2. To comply with all relevant laws, codes and regulations, and protect the public against fraud and unfair trade practices.
  3. To maintain and support the development of industry standards and practices.
  4. To refrain from discriminatory practices.
  5. To present services and actual work performed and/or produced honestly and without misrepresentation.
  6. To never knowingly infringe upon any other parties’ intellectual property rights and if any innocent breach occurs then to address and rectify any such breach immediately.
  7. To be responsive to and available for clients before, during and after the sale.
  8. To compete for business within normally accepted practices of conduct and ethical standards.
  9. To make a full and frank disclosure to customers of all material terms of any agreement with them.
  10. To comply with all fair and reasonable contractual obligations.
  11. To uphold the practice of making timely payment in accordance with the terms of their creditors and in the case of a dispute to declare to the creditor, if requested, the reason for withholding payment.
  12. To support the Association by taking an active role in DPA activities and promoting the Association to the general public.

This Code of Ethics is a guideline and does not represent the entire scope of good conduct and ethical behavior. Acceptance of and adherence to this Code, however, is a condition of membership.

By-Laws of the Dallas Producers Association

Before joining, please review our By-Laws.

DPA By-Laws