214 Media

214 Media is a Dallas/Ft. Worth video production company specializing in script-to-screen corporate communications. Our creative group has produced marketing films and social media videos for a variety of Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller regional businesses. Projects range from live action testimonials to animated infographic videos. Clients include Humana, Cisco, Infinera, Protection One, Alcoa, Caterpillar, JLL, Hotels.com.

Russ Jolly
Jay Lemon

Video and audio engineering services since September, 1986. Credits range from feature films to corporate, sports, advertising, entertainment, religious, educational and non-profit productions.

Farmers Branch
Jim Caldwell
Jeannine Caldwell

Advocate Pictures produces its own feature films and provides business affairs services to others.

Sally Helppie
Michael Stokes
Alexis Nguyen
Film and Video
Altair IV Productions

Writer/Producer/Editor/Director of corporate, educational, promotional video and other multimedia communications. I specialize in videos for special events, award shows, fundraisers, etc. Have also done scripting and research for commercials, documentaries, instructional videos/web series, and interview shows, for such cable networks as AMC, Lifetime and A&E. I'm also an instructor in film/video production and budgeting, both for degree institutions and private tutoring.


We are a transportation company that has been in business for 88 years.

Fort Worth
Steve Hurst

AMP Creative is a digital media company, producing digital assets ranging from video to interactive environments. We have script-to-screen capability, and offices in both Dallas, TX and Seattle, WA. We collaborate with clients to get their message out creatively, on budget and on time. We consider ourselves to be brand ambassadors and work hard to be in tune with our client's changing needs. AMP Creative also provides local cameras and crews for production companies, networks and corporations from around the world. There's a saying in Texas: "This ain't our first rodeo." Whatever the shoot, it's likely our guys have done it before. We've got great cameramen, great gear and great support. Our crew coordinator handles the details and picks the right crew for your job. When you're producing on the road, it's nice to know you're not alone.

Sandy Abernethy
Amy Lou Abernethy

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Andrew Rye
Stacy Russell

Atomica Music is a full service production music library. Our goal is simple - to assist the creative community with the finest music and service available. We work with major networks and production companies like NBC and Disney as well as top ad agencies and fortune 100 companies, but as an independent company ourselves, we love working with independent producers and freelancers as well.

Roger Kuehler
Scott Meath

Automotive Marketing Solutions is a leading national dealership marketing company. We work with dealers to help maximize ROI for online marketing of their inventory. We provide comprehensive solutions for dealerships such as high resolution photos, HD video, custom comments, social media marketing, inventory feed management, etc.

John Rushing